Changing hard drive and keeping install

By rev_olie
Dec 20, 2008
  1. Hey,

    Just a quick one really im getting a new SATA HD when in the next few weeks of so, i know its gonna be over 750GB but that all i know atm. Anyhow just in your opinion what the best way of changing the hard drive from an old ATA to the new one and keeping the old Vista install. Ive got it set up how i like it and it seems to be going good so how can i keep it.

    Thanks :D
  2. kimsland

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  3. rev_olie

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    yer but that means setting it up again and getting it nice so il look at imaging. Also can you change hardware on OEM versions of Vista OS? i know you can't change the mobo but what about the hard drive
  4. kimsland

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    Yes, no issue
    You may need to re-activate under worst case scenario (actually worst case would be call MS and activating manually over the phone)
  5. rev_olie

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    yeh that would be a bummer actually. Right ok Ive had a look at imaging and I'm looking into Norton ghost as Ive seen it around more than some of the others but i think after what you've said and looking at some other problems Ive had i may just reinstall anyhow. Thanks
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