Choke/loss in all online games

By nvrslep303
Jul 13, 2008
  1. With almost all the online games i've played (CS:S, City of Heroes, Team Fortress 2, and Natural Selection [Half-Life]), I suffer some serious lag issues.

    NPC's and other players stop moving and then they move up 10 feet ahead where they should of been and sometimes I get sent back 5 feet or so. I have a Linksys router and my provider is comcast. I use an ethernet to connect to my router. Any ideas what might be wrong?

    I'd put up an DxDiag but i dont htink that'd say anything about my internet
  2. Whiffen

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    Run the speed test at the location nearest to you (Recommended server) and post back your results. You can copy the picture of your results by, after the test finishes, copying the "Forum link" under "Share these results"

  3. nvrslep303

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  4. Tedster

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    many broadband providers are now limiting bandwidth usage, especially during peak hours. You need to check with your provider.
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