Choosing a Class For a Fresh Maplestory Character

By ThrasherFan22
Aug 10, 2009
  1. Hey guys. So, I have played MS before, but I am wanting to make a new character on a different server because Scania is way too populated and KSing is a constant problem.

    Really, what I am looking for is a class that is cheap to level (since I won't have access to a higher level character with lots of mesos) and is relatively quick and easy to level.

    If it changes anything, I would like a class that is good for casual playing. I have just canceled my WoW subscription becaus it took up too much of my time, yet I have always found it relatively easy to stop playing MS when I need to. It just doesn't hold me in for hours the way WoW does.

  2. shawnogbomo

    shawnogbomo TS Rookie

    i used to play ms

    in elementry school until grade 9 i have a 130 bishop if you want to level fast go cleric you will get allot of parties for pqs and when your 3rd job and up everyone will want to train with you
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