cicero ui wnd error

By brianna
May 30, 2006
  1. this is a new one for me and searching has come up with nothing. when i try to shut down or restart my computer i get a tiny error box saying failed and then the end task sometimes appears with something called cicero ui wind. i have no clue what this is , its not showing up when i go to task manager and processes and the only reference in the registry seems to relate to files within office, yet on shutdown i have no office applications running. the only thing i can do is shut off my pc using the reset or power switch
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    cicero ui windframe message

    That, or you're using Outlook. I use it at work, and when I shut down, Outlook prompts me to purge deleted messages. If I don't respond quickly, the 'Cicero UI WndFrame' thing pops up.

    I'll see if I can confirm this with Spy++ sometime (if it's installed).

    OK, just checked it out using Spy++.
    CiceroUIWndFrame belongs to a process called ctfmon.exe. It is part of Microsoft Office XP, and enables the Language Bar among other things. It's a non-essential, but should only be killed if it's causing problems.

    And this issue isn't a big problem really.
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