Civ V has strange display in DX9 - too slow for DX10 or 11

By tmw
Sep 29, 2010
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  1. I installed Civ 5 today and everything went fine. There was a bit of lag in the opening movie which I was expecting because I have never had a graphically strong laptop so the first thing I usually do when installing PC games is turn everything onto low, which is fine by me.

    But the game still lagged while running in Direct X 11, so I tried to run it in DX 9 mode, which starts, but strangely the text appears as the following on each and every menu and in game screen.

    See attached.

    To run the game in DX 9 mode I choose the option from the Steam installer, which gives me the choice, but have also tried directly from the game .exe file, to no avail.

    What can I do to get this game to run in DX 9 mode without any text distortion?

    All replies would be appreciated.

    Kind regards,

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  2. fimbles

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  3. tmw

    tmw TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for that the solution worked for me. I know its not technically a solution, just making the best of it really but at least I can play the game now.

    Thanks a lot!
  4. fimbles

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    Glad it helped. it will probably be fixed in a patch or so. :)

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