Class A monitor where to buy in UK

By brokenmonitor
Jul 22, 2009
  1. Hi
    I was wondering if it's even possible to buy class I monitor which are gurenteed to be dead pixel free. How much would it be for a 24"?

    All the monitors I have seen so far appear to be class 2. Also which manufacturer has the best dead pixel exchange policy.
  2. captaincranky

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    Here in the colonies, (US), Newegg doesn't even allow returns on monitors with less than >8< dead pixels....! Ouch..! I've had 5 monitors and 2 LCD TVs over the past few years, with only 2 dead pixels among them. I think a large chain, brick & mortar retailer might be your best shopping bet. You might spend a bit more money, but the return policies tend to be a bit more liberal. It's also fair to say, at least from my personal experience, that you're more likely to receive a panel with no dead pixels, than one with them.

    As to price most of the 24" screens are ranging around &300.00 USD . I doubt that every monitor manufacturer produces its own panels, so it might be hard to say as to which brand is likely not to have bad pixels. Even the inexpensive "Hanns-G" line receives very good reviews. Here's Newegg's main monitor page: Agreed that you may not find all the same monitors in your locale, but there are many reviews and price comparisons that you should find quite useful.
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