Cmos checksum error and Computer Dies

By Haxxor
Jul 14, 2005
  1. Hiya ive got a mayor problem ive just installed a brand new motherboard and when i start up my computer it says CMOS checksum error and after 20secs or so the computer dies.. What shall i do i dont even get the time to enter BIOS :(
  2. nucleardreams

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    Check and see if the battery is correctly in it's holder. Or Replace the battery on the mainboard, it is possible that the battery is defect. Another problem can be a short on the backside of the mainboard. This is caused by something metal touching the mainboard and creating a short circuit. Maybe one of the holding screws, under the board, is screwed into the wrong hole and it is touching the board on the wrong place.
  3. Haxxor

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    Well i got another tip from a friend.. I quickly went into BIOS and loaded the Optimized settings.. But suddenly the computer died again.. And now when i try to start the computer i get no picture on the screen instead.. =S The motherboard shows the number 90 if that is at any help.. All the fans are running and so but i cant get no picture =S
  4. nucleardreams

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    OK, try what I already suggested, plus check the memory in your PC. It would be nice if you would tell me what hardware you have in your system.
  5. Haxxor

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    Its an AMD Xp 3000+ with windows xp proffesional... 2x254Mgb+1x512Mgb 400Mhz ram..The motherboard is an ABIT An-7.. Got 2x120Gb Maxtor 8Mb cache and a 160Gb Western Digital8Mb cache.. Ive checked on the backside of the motherboard but nothing wrong there also checked the battery..
  6. nucleardreams

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    Remove the 1x 512MB RAM module and then boot your system. If that does not work then remove only the 2x 256MB RAM modules, and then reboot your system. If that does not work then remove all devices from your board except the power supply, graphic card, 1 RAM module and 1 hard drive. Reboot your PC. How much wattage does your power supply have? What kind of graphic card are you using? I ask this because I need to know how much power your system is consuming. Did you replace the battery? Even though the board is new, you still could of gotten a defective battery. Have you plugged in all power plugs into the mainboard? With some power supplys there are two power plugs, 1 20pin and one 4pin ATX. If this is a new board then they both need to be plugged in.
  7. Haxxor

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    Its an 400w power supply and ive already tried to remove the 512ram and reboot the system the only stuff ive got connected is the graphic card an Ati Radeon 9600pro 256mb and the cd-rom and yes there are one 4pin and one 20pin but they are both connected =S i dunno what to do =S
  8. nucleardreams

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    Strange.....lets get back to your CMOS message. CMOS messages occure for various reasons.
    1.) The CMOS chip is defect.
    2.) Hardware plugged into BUS contacts not secure
    3.) CMOS battery is in need of replacement.
    4.) CMOS battery plug on the mainboard is defect.
    5.) CMOS rejects the hardware settings(specifically with memory or CPU)

    If this thing has a guarantee then take it back. That would be the easiest solution!
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