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By techcard05
Apr 6, 2012
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  1. elllo sir , i have a problem during booting up CMOS ,and time setting , when window is running then after i click on any web broswer , there is need to change internet time setting , then computer is set to synchronize with " .....etc
    then after web browers running correctly ..
  2. Debbie23

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    If I understood, possibility your computer mobo battery is getting weak, not holding correct BIOS time. Is it that when you start a browser & it detects time off an internet clock & sees it doesn't match your computer's time?
  3. techcard05

    techcard05 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ello sir , I just wants to know if I install window in d : drive then can I format c : drive ..
    lets example if I made 4 partition c , d , e , f drive then I installed window in d : drive now remaining drive is c , e , f
    then I want to format c: drive can I do that .. plz reply
  4. Bobbye

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    It seems like you are asking 2 different things.

    If you need to reset the time and date:
    Right click on the Clock in the Notification area on the right of the Taskbar> Click on Adjust Date/Time
    • Set the correct date and time
    • Select Time Zone tab
      [o] Make sure your Time Zone is set correctly
      [o] Check Adjust for Daylight Savings Time
    • Select the Internet Time tab
      [o] Check Automatically synchronize with internet time server
      [o] If you don't have a time server selected click on the arrow point to the right of the server box and choose
    • Press Update now
    • Click on Apply> OK
    Note: If the server won't update or the time won't set correctly, please let us know.
    If you need help specific to the CMOS, see HERE.

    I don't understand the connection between the time and setting up the partitions.

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