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By Zen
Oct 12, 2011
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  1. I've tried my best to find out the answer to this question on my own before bringing it here to TechSpot, but I just can't get a decent answer here.

    Yesterday I got in the mail one of those really small dinky Comcast Transport adapters meant to bring in digital programming. Followed the instructions, hooked it all up, called Comcast to activate the device, which they did, had good signal and thought I was all set to watch television.

    But I'm having no luck tuning in some of the channels, like the Military Channel and some of the music channels like the 80's channel with this transport adapter. Comcast's web site is fuzzy when giving out details of what their little transport adapter can and can not do. Are these little rinky dinky transport adapter boxes supposed to get all the same channels that my two big DVR converter boxes get in both bedrooms? I ordered this little transport adapter because Comcast customers get the first two for free, I didn't feel like dishing out another $11.50 rental fee each month for a third big DVR box.

    This just stinks because there's going to always be one room in the house that's going to have to go without, in regards to watching all the programming I pay for, if this transport box can't do the job.

    So that's the question, simply put, am I supposed to get all I pay for with these little transport adapters, or am I pretty much stuck with getting what appears to be some sort of "expanded basic" service with it? :mad:

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