Command and Conquer Generals does not boot on Vista

By SSDukeNuikem
May 26, 2009
  1. I installed in correctly on my computer it just does not load up. i have a XPS 720 HC with 4gigs of RAM and a 3.0Duo Processor any advice?
  2. Relic

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    Is the game up to date? Make sure you have all the latest patches for it. Have you tried running it under compatibility mode for XP (Run as administrator)? If not try that. From googling around I saw other individuals having issues with GPU drivers and the game. Not sure if that's your case thou. There are several CNC fans who have issues like this with many different solutions. Just search around maybe if none of these work there solutions will.
  3. Sunny87

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    Ok I've had this but Windows Vista has great backwards compatibility mode though!

    Step 1: Go into my computer C:\program files and locate CNC
    Step 2: Now on every single .exe file in the CNC folder right click and go properties>compatibility
    Step 3: click run this program in capability mode (put a tick in the box) in the drop down menu select Windows XP.
    The click apply and the ok.

    Do this for every single CNC executable you can find this hopefully will help you!

    Hope it dose!
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