Compaq Pres V2000(V2405US)

By VickiMarie
Aug 17, 2007
  1. I bought it used and had for a year now. I had to buy a universal ac adapter from Kensington(70W) for it. After I started usuing it I started to notice that battery started to hold a charge for less amount of time and and eventually never even recognized battery, but when I went to control panel it never made any reference to the battery not being good or other. (sorry I am a newbie). But then about 3 months ago I was using laptop which i do have on a stand so as to allow not over heating and it just shut off. no lites ever have been seen since that day. I know the Kensington adapter uses No. 9 for my brand of laptop and I have read that the connection is not a good one with compaqs or HPs and I know parameters for what my laptop needs is only 65 watts in adapter. So heres my question.. how do I find out what is wrong without paying hundreds to someone just to have them tell me its the motherboard or something else that is going to require more cash than I can afford. If i find another battery that is charged and put it on mine and it turns on that would suggest I need a new connecter for ac plug to work correct?
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    generic power packs can be trouble and short battery life.
    You may need to replace both with quality replacements.
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