Compaq won't turn on

By gettingonmynerv
Oct 1, 2009
  1. ok so i have this compaq laptop i dont really know what model or anything got it for graduation but its been working fine for about a year now. but i have noticed that when i dont have my charger plugged up it will only last for 40mins to a hour which i dont think is enough soi keep it plugged up all the time when im on it. and now all of a sudden it just turns off on me when im in the middle of doing something and before i use to be able to just turn it back on it would work but today it did that 3 times first two times i could turn it back on the last i couldnt. the power button and the mute button would just light up orange and blink and then blink then stop and it just wont turn on. or if it does turn on it would stay on for 3 seconds then turn off and when i take the battery out and just have the charger plugged in it does the same thing soo i dont know if i have a virus or something or if the battery is just dead or any other problem can someone help me i need it for school =[ oh and one more thing when i take the charger out it wont even light up and when i put it in it will blink orange then not even start up. so can someone help me please
  2. raybay

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    The model number and serial number are on the label on the bottom of the computer.
    Sounds as if your battery, which only lasts a year, has gone bad and requires a replacement.

    But you could have a failed power adapter, failed hard drive, failed or dirty cpu fan, failed memory module or any of a number of other problems.
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