Composite to VGA adapter?

By DeepMartin
Sep 12, 2008
  1. Heres my per say problem i have with my computer and my xbox

    up until now i been using the living room SD TV 480p for my xbox (a waste of electricity lol)
    and in my room i been using my average performance computer to do any type of computing lol

    I always wanted to have a "control center" feel in my room
    so i have right now on my desk my computer with her average Monitor (yes it is a she) speakers ect.

    Ever since i got my xbox 360 (20gb) i been craving for that HD 720p or 1080p so my great idea was to buy a nice Full HD LCD or Plasma since money is not a real problem to me anymore specially if its a good investment like a TV

    once i get one i will have the computer and the xbox sharing a screen and speakers in my room

    buuuuut here are my issues

    the thing is now its gonna take me a while to save up for that nice tv and i want to wait for xmax for prices to drop and better screens to come out i guess getting the most out of my money (i can be very patient i been waiting for ipod touches price to drop since november, i even bought my sister one and not myself cuz i need more space than 8gbs...)

    so in the mean while i can keep on using my xbox on the living room but i have the hassle of sharing the ethernet cable with my moms computer so when she is online i am not and visa versa (yes the wireless adapter is a smart idea but the router is in my room next to my computer and if i want to eventually share that new full HD TV then wireless for just 2 FT away is gonna become useless)

    SO now what to do>? just add an small extra SD TV I have on my desk next to my monitor.... but that tv does not have an RCA or composite ports only RF (yes very old tv)... ok so i will buy an xbox to RF cable? no because it will become useless once i get that new tv... ok so i can get a VGA or DVI to RF to plug my computer into an old tv? no because it will become useless once i get that new tv...

    and so i get across this idea of plugging in my xbox to my monitor (1280x1024 max= 720P) ok so i just buy the xbox to VGA cable and a KVM switch? no because it will become useless once i get that new tv...

    >>>so i will need a composite to VGA tv turner or swith or cable....<<<

    after searching and searching I only get across this AVerMedia TV Tuner Box which does what i need it to do BUT the 150 price tag doesnt make want to purchase it since it will become useless once i get that new tv...

    I dont really need a turner but i could not find a cable or just a simple little switch that does Composite to VGA

    and thats where you guys come in

    any body have any ideas? (besides killing me for typing so much and using so many parenthesis)
    Maybe a turner or switch cheaper than that or just a simple cable that does it or a combination of cables and adapters
    any ideas will help me on this quest

    Ok so this is what i have

    • XBox 360 20gb with the default RCA and or composite cable (480p 720p 1080p)
    • Computer (BFG 7300GT AGP with DVI VGA and Svideo)
    • Monitor Gateway EV700 (7004145) CRT 17-inch diagonal with 15.9 inches viewable area, 22.5 mm neck CRT, 0.28 mm dot pitch, 90° deflection, Resolution 1,280 dots horizontal 1,024 lines vertical, Scanning Frequency Horizontal: 31 to 69 kHz
      Vertical: 50 to 160 Hz

    my requirements are

    using my xbox's composite cable to plug into my monitor that has a vga plug
    being able to use 720P 1280x1024

    things i can live with

    not having a switch of some sort then physically pluging in and out the cable for when i want to use neither system
    having to buy the xbox to vga cable

    PS If i have a concept wrong please let me know
    PSPS this post is very long but I know that the more details i give you the more you can pin point what i want and or need
    PSPSPS thank you for your time
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