Computer acting funny

By timothysequeira
Aug 5, 2008
  1. my computer has been acting funny it freezes at certain points and it is very annoying i have a Hijackthis log but if there any free stuff that can also help please recommend

    attach file has hijackthis log
  2. Darkagess

    Darkagess TS Rookie

    when exactly is it freezing or is it just sort of random
  3. timothysequeira

    timothysequeira TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it always freezes 30 seconds after start up and nothing moves but then it done after like a minute but it will also freeze sporadically throughout my computer use and it gets annoying
  4. Darkagess

    Darkagess TS Rookie

    i have a feeling a program you may have eather downloaded or installed may be affecting your computer at this moment i cant really help i have a serious problem on my computer try deleting unused or suspicious programs
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