Computer BSOD on start up

By Anenu
Nov 27, 2010
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  1. Starting yesterday my computer has started blue screening as soon as it starts not letting me log into the computer or do anything. I have tried letting it rest for several hours in a cool room to see if heating was a problem and I have tried starting the computer in safe mode but neither of these options worked and my computer is still blue screening. I haven't done any modifications to the hardware of the computer and the only recently installed software is AVG internet protection which may be the cause but as I am unable to log in the computer I haven't been able to remove it.

    The computer I have is a MSI EX625-227US NoteBook generally it runs well despite some heating issues it has as but I have never experienced a blue screen on the computer before this.

    Any help to solve this problem would be appreciated and I would be willing to provide any additional information about the computer that I can
  2. Route44

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    AVG's last three revisions have caused a lot of people issues. And since your issues did not begin until you installed this software there is a good bet this might be your issue, but at this point this is just a mere hunch.

    Did you have other internet security installed on this system as well? And if so, did you uninstall it before installing AVG?

    What are the Blue Screen error codes and do they cite a driver as well?

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