Computer freezes a lot lately

By geos
Oct 18, 2008
  1. hey guyz,
    i've ran into a problem recently, about a week ago:
    i went to bed and left my sis workin on the pc, and she then turned it off when she finished, at least thats what she thought! so when i woke up the next day, i found out the pc didn't turn off, but it froze on the "Shutting your computer" or whatever it says when the pc turns off ;P so i just turned it off manually,
    Few days ago, i was just checking out stuff on the pc, and then everything just froze! i couldn't even move the mouse, so again i restarted it manually and it worked well.
    the following day, i had the same problem, it just froze. so i restarted it, but then when i get the screen to choose a user, the mouse froze right over there! restarted it again, and i didn't even got into the xp!! i couldn't hear the noise that comes out from the Floppy. I didn't feel good with it, so i just left the pc off for a while,
    i turned on the pc again after 2 hours or so, i got into my user, came to write here, but then the pc froze again. there is no specific times when the problem occurs or anything.. its just randomly!
    so, does anyone have suggestions what may cause the problem?
    thanks in advance,

    p.s: i tried to run it in safe mode once, it froze. restarted and again in safe mode but worked well.
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