Computer freezes for a few seconds about every minute - especially bad in games

By smills
Aug 2, 2010
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  1. My computer constantly freezes. When I am running games (like Starcraft II) it will freeze for 30-40 seconds sometimes which is kind of a pain. I thought it may be an unstable overclock so i reset to defaults with no difference at all. I thought it may be a graphics card issue so I uninstalled the drivers and installed the latest ones from the site. I did the same thing with chipset drivers, LAN drivers, and any other driver I could think of. I ran a mem test for a few hours and had no reported errors.

    Finally I clocked it back up a bit (to 3.2ghz instead of 4.0ghz) and ran OCCT to check for stability (ran prime95 for an hour or two and it seemed fine but I wanted a second opinion) and saw that it had a PSU test and decided to do that. After running it for 20 minutes or so I noticed a weird pattern in voltage/cpu usage. Anyone have any idea what this could mean? I have posted pictures of the weird issue below.

    It won't let me post links or images as I have < 5 posts. Remove the spaces from the links below to view.

    imgur .com/s0ZWj.png
    imgur .com/3kPPv.png
    imgur .com/FOWpL.png
    imgur .com/SJ4KL.png

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