Computer "hangs" when copying from SD-card

By ssslgn
Aug 13, 2009
  1. Hi

    Have a strange problem that have affected all of my computers and most of my memory cards: (SD)

    -When transferring big/many files my computer "hangs" for at least a few minutes, sometimes more. Sometimes a restart is the only solution.
    -It happens at different stages of the process, sometimes early and sometimes late.
    -Vista seems to be the worst OS in this regard
    -I have installed SP2 on vista, SP3 on XP.
    -My biggest cards are more prone to having problems (2Gb and especially 4gb)
    -My XP computer only hangs when using the 4Gb card
    -It works better when not using the internal readers, but it also happens on my external one...
    -Vista also "hangs" when transferring big files over my home network. (Not wireless) XP does not seem to be affected
    -Win7 works fine with the external one, no drivers for the internal one.
    -XP seem to have serious problems with my 4gb card, my work PC do not. (Also XP)

    I thought Vistas file transfer issues were solved? Or is something wrong with both my internal card-readers?

    Ideas? All computers are virus free, and updated.

    Anybody know how to ascertain model and make on my readers? Preferrably without tools...

  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 9,334   +622

    an SD card which has all files in the root directory is always a problem --
    you can control the access and all the icons are being accessed at the same time.

    if you can use the reader, add some directories and move chunks of files into
    each of them
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