Computer is not posting. I have chacked almost everything

By pioneerx01
Oct 31, 2010
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  1. Hello,

    Someone in my family has a 5-yard old PC that I am having difficulties with. About two months ago the PSU went south so I have replaced it with used PSU that I had laying around. It all worked until about two weeks ago when same issue happened as first time. Thinking is is the PSU again I have bought new one this time, but it did not do the trick.

    I can however turn the PC on, but I can not do anything else, no post, no beeps, nothing on screen. I have checked the HDD on another PC nothing fount. I have unplugged all unnecessary hardware, USB, card reader, disk drives, video card (went back to stock VGA). I have reset the CMOS as well. RAM is about 3 months old, so I naturally thrown out the idea that it is an issue, but I have still took it out and swapped it and use them one at a time (still nothing). I have even took the MOBO out of the case to see if anything is shorting out the pins in the back.

    Thus this leads me to believe that it is either MOBO or CPU that went south (I can not test them myself), My money is on MOBO, any thoughts?

  2. CCT

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    Have a REAL close look for blown caps or burn marks on the mobo. At this point, removing the mobo and checking the back side would probably be good.

    You sound like you have some experience BUT always unplug, press the power button, then disassemble AND keep yourself grounded when opening the case and working on components.

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