Computer locking up

By Ynrozes
Mar 31, 2007
  1. I hope I can explain this right! Earlier today I was working on graphics using Jasc PSP 9 and Animation I went to save an animation my computer just restarted. I am running windows xp. It came to the welcome screen where it shows the different users. At that point I had to leave. I was gone for several hours and when I got home I noticed my computer never went into the hibernation and it was still showing the welcome screen.....but when I clicked on my user name the mouse pointer was locked up so I rebooted. Now it eithers freezes on that welcome screen or once my desk top starts to load it freezes. On my user name the icons dont even load. I tried my fiances desptop and before it froze his icons were showing. After rebooting one time and selecting my username it just kept showing loading personal settings and never went any farther. I cant even get it to load to run a scan. I last did a scan 2 days ago and everything was fine. Any help/suggestions would be apreciated.
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