Computer not starting..Failing at POST stage

By sudhir123
Dec 7, 2004
  1. I have a compaq Presario desktop (AMD K6 processor). When I switched on the computer, fans are running and I can see lights blinking at CD/Keyboards terminals.Monitor light just blinks as if no connection to computer. It is not even doing Power on Self Test. Two days back when it happened, I kept it on for 3 hours. Then after that when I tried it started doing POST and booting. CMOS battery is fine. This time I kept it on one full night. No result so far.
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    Well it could have something to do with your video card, especially since you see the keyboard blinking and the monitor looking like it has no connection. I would suggest opening the case and taking out your vid card and reseating it, to make sure it still has a good connection.

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