Computer randomly freezes

By Osten
Mar 4, 2010
  1. Hello!

    First, sorry for spelling errors etc, english isnt my native language :)

    Having a problem i cant find a solution for.

    What happens is: Everything just stops, my usb-keyboard turns itself off, mouse stops working, and only thing I can do, is reset/power button. The screen dont go black, though. I still have a picture on the screen of what i did when it crashed. The sound start looping aswell.

    Strange thing is that if i`m playing a game, dont matter what game, it only freezes at loading screens. Never happened "ingame". If I`m idling in Win, watching a movie, browsing internet etc, it freezes after 5sec up to a few minutes.

    The computer is 100% steady in safemode.

    What i`ve tried so far: Reinstalled with both Win7 and Win-XP. Crashed on both clean installs before i even got close to installing any drivers. Changed to another harddrive, worked for 30mins or so, then freezed.

    I`ve removed the CMOS to reset the BIOS. Didn`t work.

    I`ve used a program called "Whocrashed" (i think), but that didnt show anything.
    I never get any Windows-error reports when i have restarted.

    Specs are:

    PSU: Chieftec 550w
    HK: Gigabyte Ga-p55m-ud2
    Ram: 2x 2gb corsair ddr3.
    CPU: Intel Core i5 750@2.67ghz
    Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT

    If I have missed something that can help, please say so.

    Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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