Computer reboots when I log into Runescape

By Ness369
Jul 8, 2008
  1. A couple weeks ago & right after a windows update, I was no longer able to play runescape without having my computer reboot without warning (no error message, just black screen, then it boots up - a lot slower than usual). I thought I had fixed the problem, but again, as of this morning (& another update!), the problem came back after I followed instructions to correct an error re more than one virtual machine or whatever running (concerning Java).
    Heres what happens: I can usually log in, then after approx. 2-5 mins of game play (sometimes it happens the second I log in, sometimes I don't even get that far!), the computer screen goes black & then the computer reboots. This happens if I load the game in IE 7.0 OR if I use an rs "toolkit" such as SwiftKit or RS Sidekick. (I had this problem with IE 7.0 a couple months ago, but was able to get around it by using SwiftKit. Then when the problem happened with SwiftKit, I used SideKick. Now I can't use that either!) I restored the computer to a couple days before the update. I ran all the diagnostics/cleaners such as windows disk cleanup (I have win xp with sp2), diskchk, Crap Cleaner and Windows Live OneCare. I uninstalled/reinstalled IE 7.0 and uninstalled/reinstalled Java (to the latest update). I even uninstalled/reinstalled SwiftKit and SideKick. (I know I probably shouldn't use these programs, but they havn't given me any problems so far - and I don't believe either program is causing this problem.) I removed the most recent windows updates and cleaned any dust out of the tower. NOTHING has fixed the problem! So far, the only time it reboots is when I log into runescape. This problem has me very aggravated!! (Mainly cuz I cant figure out whats going on!)

    Anyone have an idea what could be causing this problem? Any assistance will be GREATLY appreciated!!! (I've posted on a couple boards & literally hundreds of people have read the posts, and NO ONE?? can tell me how to fix it? I find that hard to believe.) I will take ANY suggestions at this point. Every time my computer reboots, its that much closer to hitting the floor - it has me that angry!) PLEASE!!! :confused:

  2. relax345

    relax345 TS Rookie

    Change ur OS...

    I have changed my original windows xp...not sp2 or sp3....
    try it...
    now I can play Cabal and run...faster....
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