Computer restarts all the time - please help me with dmp

By torkelorten
Jan 9, 2009
  1. I still don't see any pattern as to when the restart occurs. I don't know any programs that causes this, and I don't know how to analyze the dump files...please help

    Attatched the last 5 dmp files...

  2. torkelorten

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    I turned off the "Reboot automatically" and got the following error message when blue screening:


    I've seen a number of posts about this, but it seems like there could be many reasons....
  3. CCT

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    You get ntkrpamp.exe which signifies, apparently, hardware issues from bad capacitors to bad ram, psu, hd, psu, cpu etc. Some people report improper Bios setup can cause it.

    You also have a CPU_CALL_ERROR which again signifies hardware.

    Also, crashes re fltMgr.sys file system crash and Npfs.sys file system driver.

    You could try running Everest or such and look at all your findings for voltage or thermal variants that are not good. Have a look at the mobo for bulging caps.

    edit: I just gave this 'advice' to another person same general problems;

    These are vague - drivers OR hardware OR both.

    What to do? I dunno!

    Me, with that kind of hodgepodge of errors, I would copy off what I valued and re-seat all removable devices (Ram, cards, connectors, etc) reformat and re-install the bare bones (chipset, ethernet).

    Make sure Windows Firewall is on (best if you are behind a router), then service packs.

    Run a few days.
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