Computer restarts in games

By roller
Jan 4, 2007
  1. Hi everybody,

    My system used to run fine (Windows XP SP2), but some months ago it started to restart randomly while playing some games. Sometimes I can play for hours with no errors and sometimes only a few minutes before it restarts. As I don't play that much I wasn't really concerned but today it restarted outside games for the first time, I was surfing at YouTube.

    So I began searching more about it and discovered the Windows utility "Driver Verifier". Selecting to verify every drivers in the computer I was presented with a BSOD 0x000000C4 while starting Windows.

    I think it's a driver problem really, but driver verifier couldn't name the bad driver... I'm attaching the last five minidumps, if anyone can take a look I'll be thankful.

    PS: Sorry for my english :D
  2. lee1612k2

    lee1612k2 TS Rookie

    mayb ur pc if overheating
  3. mikescorpio81

    mikescorpio81 TS Rookie Posts: 293

    All signs point to a faulty driver.
    I'd say checking your video card drivers would be the first one to look at, try upgrading them to the lastest and perhaps flashing BIOS afterwards.

    Let us know how :grinthumb
  4. roller

    roller TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks dudes

    I'm using NGO ATI modified drivers 1.6.6. Will try update to the last oficial Catalyst.

    My BIOS is already the last available for the mobo (A7N8X-X), any tips about it? Flash the same BIOS again?

    I thought about it, but i've been monitoring cpu and vga temperatures in games and they're the same they were when there were no problems. BUT despite that, if I let my case open the problem never happens... weird :|
  5. roller

    roller TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi guys, I've updated my video card drivers but I'm still with problems. Today I was able to play for an hour and half, but the computer restarted while seeing videos after that.

    Here is the last minidump:
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