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By tallb
Mar 26, 2008
  1. Route44

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    All five minidumps had the warning improper symbols were used and thus, for the most part, unreadable. However, DrvFltIP was cited in all and from everything I have been able to find out it is spyware. See this link:

    Question: What firewall are you using?
  2. tallb

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    Ashampoo firewall pro.
  3. Route44

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    Your firewall was also in the mix of the research that I have done and it might be a driver. I found an old archive I did last August with someone who had the same issues and at that time I said what I could find was it had something to do with a firewall. The problem is I can't find anything definitive.

    I would contact your firewall manufacturer's tech support and ask them if this driver is part of their software. If it is, tell them of your BSODs. If it is not then I would say you probably have an infection.
  4. tallb

    tallb TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 65

    i cant contant them cause i havent realyl bought it from them :p and its the 4th time you guys are sending me from forum to forum :( ive been in the os forum and then to the security forum back and forth please help me out guys i dont want to format my comp =/
  5. peterdiva

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  6. Route44

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    Are you saying you have Ashampoo Firewall Pro but it is a pirated copy? Help us out here; I am just trying to get clarification, not accusing.

    If it is a pirated copy have you ever figured that therein might lie your issues? How can you update any of the latest versions with new drivers? And TechSpot frowns mightily on piracy.

    And as for us sending you from forum to forum there is a reason: You were infected the last time and there is a good chance you are infected this time.
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