Computer says connected but no internet

By 12lochtee
Oct 16, 2008
  1. here is my problem... When i connect my computer to my router (wired) the connection symbol says that im connected at 100mbs but when i open IE i get nothing, cant even connect to router using I can then plug in a usb wifi adaptor to that computer and connect wirelessly to to the internet just fine, If i connect my laptop to the ethernet cable that doesnt work on my computer it works fime, so it is not the cable, some setting in the computer.

    - The computer had been using the wireless connection for quit some time and im just now changing ... is there a setting that would have contributed to the problem..

    - also aroud the time that it stoped i installed the link-layer protocal

    OS on computer- win xp
    OS on Laptop- Vista
  2. 12lochtee

    12lochtee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Also i am no trecieving any packets just sending(few)
  3. LookinAround

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    When i first read that statement I related it to something i recently discovered when fixing same problem description for a friend. Click Tools and make sure Work Offline is not checked!
    Then you mentioned the above so not so sure of your case but figured is worth mentioning and a good thing to know!
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