Computer shuts down by itself and turns on by itself

By noel12192
Nov 28, 2011
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  1. so few weeks back.. my computer randomly shut down and it kept restarting and within like 5 seconds of it restarting... it would shut down again and it would keep doing that. eventually it would load up and after like 3 min it would shut down.

    so recently i had to use my comp a lot for school work... and it keeps shutting down a lot... sometimes its on for a long time and itl shut down or sometimes it takes like 4 min. Ive had it off one time and it just randomly turned on for no reason. Turned it off once before bed and it turned on while i was in bed. Sometimes itd be on when i wake up in the morning.

    The comp is windows vista, Dell

    Someone help :/ cant even do my papers...

    also quite recently, ive had 3 blue screens, took it to best buy and they said it might be something with the driver/ram... but idk. just today it said i needed a driver update but when i tried to update... it said that the software could not be found. but idk if thats whats causing the problem.
  2. Tmagic650

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    If this is a laptop, remove the battery and use only the AC adapter. See if this fixes the problem. If this is a desktop replace the power supply first...

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