Computer Slow down and freeze

By SConner
Feb 10, 2008
  1. My son left me instructions to "take his laptop to the "shop" this weekend because it is acting up. Takes about 5 minutes, literaly, to start up, once it is up, opening programs is slow, and after awhile the desktop goes blank like it is sleeping, but it won't wake back up. Right after start up, I get a message that says "Can't find c:\windows\system32\awtss.exe . Please go to start and search for the file". When I click OK I get the same message again. I didn't go looking for the file, yet, was afraid the "search" process might make the problem worse.

    In Norton, I saw where on 1/29/08 Virtomundo was blocked. In safe mode, I Ran SpyBot and found Vundo.generic and Vundo, and fixed them.

    I rebooted in normal mode and it is still as slow, Spybot came up and checked the system at start up (this was the first time it auto ran since I started playing with this)
    I ran SpyBot again and deleted the same Vundo file as normal user.

    The speed is better. Should I search for the awtss.exe and remove from the registry using HJT?
    The HJT log is attached

    Any help is appreciated.
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