Computer speaker buzzing solved with driver update

By biggbill
Jul 22, 2011
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  1. Finding no active threads on subject and with this my very first thread, I wish to share my success in solving a very annoying problem today with all of you and those who might have a similar issue. While a ham radio operator, I am still very much a learner in the tech end of computing.

    I am running Gateway GT5018E with a Pentium (R) D CPU with desktop speakers.

    My many week, progressively worsening speaker buzzing problem was solved by updating the original SigmaTel Audio Driver Codec version 5.10.4501.0 with an IDT High Definition Audio Codec version 1.0.5790.2, as one of three options recommended by the Microsoft driver update wizard method.

    I was able to locate the culprit by selectively disabling and then re-enabling each of the audio devices in the Sound, Video and Game Controllers section of the Device Manager. The buzzing left when I disabled the SigmaTel Driver Codec listed above and returned when it was enabled.

    So far, the buzzing is gone and the audio sounds great!

    I have used your high quality TECHSPOT forum in the past to solve other problems and hope this post will assist others in approaching this thorny and apparently enigmatic annoyance. Thanks much!

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