Computer starts slowly but doesnt get to log in page

By jamie66mac
Mar 6, 2010
  1. Hello, ive been trying to get through to dell for past few days , ive waited over an hour on the helpline but i cant get through to them for help.

    My problem

    When i start my computer, it comes to the a screen giving me the options ' safe mode' 'normal mode ' and some other one?

    Ive tried safe mode but it brings me to a page ive never seen before and dont know what to do on it.

    When i try normal mode it will load to the log in page... some times and when i go to log in it just never loads.
    Or it just wont ever load and stay a blank screen with the load symbol.

    Ive got coursework on there i need desperately could you please help, if you need any additional information just ask.

    Thank you jamie.
  2. pyari

    pyari TS Rookie Posts: 66

    when did it happen? the history behind this problem? when u see safe mode option just select "last known good configuration" and hit enter. let see what happen? let us know do u manage to login to safe mode.
  3. jamie66mac

    jamie66mac TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It started about 2 weeks ago, just i've been to busy to sort it out.

    2 weeks ago i was using my computer a lot, left it on for 1 day straight. i know not good. This may have effected it but im not sure.

    I dont actually see the option for last known good configuration when i get to the safe mode part.

    when i click the safe mode part i get a screen like command prompt is that normal?
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