Computer starts up, but nothing appears on-screen.

By Hukoro
Mar 10, 2008
  1. I have just recently bought a computer that someone else made. He told me that the only thing the computer needed was memory. Well I bought the correct memory from, stuck it in there, and when I start it up nothing appears on-screen. The motherboard is a Biostar M7VIG 400 and the memory is DDR PC3200 unbuffered, non-ECC. When I hit the power button, I hear the Hard drive start but that is it. In order for me to turn the computer off I have to hit the power switch on the power supply. If anyone knows how this can be fixed it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me and ask if you need anymore information. Thanks.
  2. Hukoro

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    The memory said was compatible with my mobo was PC2700 not PC3200. Even though the lower density (256MB and 512MB) are PC3200 the 1 GB is PC2700. The man said that the only memory that will work with the mobo is PC3200 unbuffered, non-ECC, and CL3. I found that the memory gave me was PC2700, unbuffered, non-ECC and CL2.5. Will this have any effect?
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    Your motherboard supports a maximum speed of DDR 333MHz (PC2700), a maximum of 1GB RAM per module and a maximum of 2GB of RAM in total.

    If you have RAM that is rated for a higher speed than your motherboard can support, it should automatically underclock the RAM.

    Are you using the integrated video card or are you using one that's plugged into an expansion slot?
  4. Hukoro

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    More info

    I have tried using the integrated video card and my own PCI video card and neither are working.
  5. Matthew

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    Odd because I don't believe they share the same bus. They shouldn't both be not working. You're sure your monitor works (as well as any adapters you're using)? Do you have any BIOS beeps?
  6. Hukoro

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    I am sure my monitor works because I had plugged in my old computer and it worked fine. No there is no bios beep. Just the sound of the hard drive turn on and then it stops. I have tried pressing the disc try open button on the DVD-ROM drive, but it doesn't open either. Do you think the mobo is shot? If so I guess I will have to e-mail the guy back and get my money back.
  7. CCT

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    'I have tried using the integrated video card and my own PCI video card and neither are working.'

    How did you do this if you have no video?

    Or did you mean the supplied PCI/PCIE slot video card (integrated being on the motherboard).

    Or do you actually get a Bios screen during post?
  8. Tedster

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