Computer still won't turn on, bad motherboard?

By Eon Blue
Jan 22, 2011
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  1. Earlier I created a thread in which I had suspected the system panel connections of being faulty, and the reason that my new computer wouldn't turn on, but now I am thinking otherwise. I switched out the motherboard of an older computer I have, and it turned on my computer when I pressed the power on switch on the pront panel. I also switched out my newer motherboard into my older computer case and tried to turn it on, but it would not respond. I did the same for my PSU, switching out an old PSU with my new one in my new case, and vice versa. The PSU isn't the problem, as it turned on when I switched it out to my older computer case (by then I had put my older motherboard back into that case) and it worked perfectly. I now have a sneaking suspicion that my motherboard may be bad, but if it is bad, would the LED light on the motherboard still come on when it is plugged into a PSU?

    Please help, I am at wits end and want to finally finish my new computer.

  2. Tmagic650

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    You have to make sure you have the proper power supply connectors to the motherboard. Many make the mistake of either forgetting to connect the 4 or 6 pin connector near the CPU, or using the wrong connector
  3. Eon Blue

    Eon Blue TS Rookie Topic Starter

    If anyone is still willing to help, I checked all of the connections on the motherboard, including the 4-pin one next to the CPU. Everytime I plug the power supply into the wall outlet, a small LED light on the motherboard comes on, but the front panel power switch does nothing. I also checked the system panel connectors that send power to the power switch and reset button. I still suspect that there is something wrong with the motherboard, I checked the CPU by taking it out and inserting it back into the motherboard, just to see if that was the problem. I also checked the system panel connectors with a different motherboard, and that worked fine, along with the PSU. I think that I should send in for a replacement motherboard.
  4. Tmagic650

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    Okay, send in for another motherboard, and let us know the outcome
  5. Leeky

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    The motherboard is sat on stand-off's yeah? A short will stop it running in most cases.

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