Connect to the Access point but no Internet connection

By nofear6235
Sep 5, 2008
  1. Just recently set up wireless connection at my house.
    Verizon DSL Wistell dual modem => Linksys router (I'll add model # later, when I back home) => host desktop machine (os XP). Wife's laptop get connected with no proble (os XP) and Linksys wireless card.
    Now, I am trying to set up my older desktop (os 2000 Pentium 3 cpu).
    I did install wireless card, I believe it's Linksys 54G (will check tonight), with outside antenna. I follow all instructions, load soft before installing the card, etc, etc.
    Well, I see myself connected with speed connection, etc, but no Internet!
    I try several dif methods I googled, trying to un install soft and let window install the driver, try set up manually, etc, nothing work.
    I call Linksys support and they ask me to download the patch for this router, and when I try to install it off my flash drive to old PC, it's just blow off, show me black dos window for split sec and nothing. What interesting, when I copy .exe patch from Linksys to my HD, it no longer shows, as the same icon, but rather white square, like you know some application files.
    Is it possible, all this problem I encounter because I have W2K? Since it wasn't build with all these wireless gadgets? But I have seen messages when many people have the same problem with XP.
    Thanks guys in advance,
  2. nofear6235

    nofear6235 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    Done with it.
    Replace W2K with XP and use Wireless Zerro util from admin tool to help to set up my connection. Also change some router settings on my Linksys profile page. Guy from Linksys support confirm some time before I complete this task, that my PCI wireless card is defective, lol.
    Well, I am glad I didn't listen to him.
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