Connectify Dispatch merges all of your Internet connections into one

By Shawn Knight
Dec 14, 2012
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  1. A new piece of software that promises to boost your Internet connection speed and reliability is now available for download. Connectify Dispatch is able to combine a wired Ethernet connection, a Wi-Fi connection and signals from 3G and 4G wireless...

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    NTAPRO TS Evangelist Posts: 810   +102

    Nice. I always wondered about this with laptops. I was hoping it was possible to use a wire connection together with a wireless one for better speeds
  3. 9Nails

    9Nails TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,212   +174

    Maybe download speeds could improve, but this would be murder on latency.
  4. Littleczr

    Littleczr TS Addict Posts: 439   +84

    Wow, I will download and try it. My cell phone has 4g and I want to combine it with my isp.
  5. EEatGDL

    EEatGDL TS Maniac Posts: 481   +159

    Very nice idea, and because of being able to use ethernet too, you shouldn't worry about latency if you didn't worry before.
  6. jacques

    jacques TS Rookie Posts: 22

    Connectify one of the best apps I have ever used it simply just works. ill pay double the money they're offering for it.
  7. Trillionsin

    Trillionsin TS Evangelist Posts: 1,323   +135

    I dont understand. I'm wired in to my Linksys wireless router, so if I have wireless on my desktop here, does that mean that I could use two different connections from my linksys, and somehow this will be better?

    Maybe in this instance it does not really help. I just dont see how getting a wired and wireless connection from the same device; same connection, to be beneficial in any way.
  8. Is it possible to connect the out put of dispatch through a wired connection to another system?

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