Connecting dual monitors on my desktop computer?

By x2i
Oct 21, 2011
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  1. Hello there, I have just signed up after reading a few other examples on the site and I was wondering if I could get some tailored help rather than trying to pick whats relevent to my machine out.

    I have just started a new work placement where I use Dual Monitors and, although it isn't a must, I would like to have it at home too - not for anything too exhaustive on the system (web development etc). However I require a little assistance as to how I can go about doing this - I will explain where I am at so far.

    I have a Windows 7 Desktop PC which I purchased about 5/6 years ago, I have upgraded the RAM to 2GB but pretty much everything is as standard from when I bought it.

    I believe there is a way I can send you a detailed list of my specs but I am unsure of how to provide this - if needed could someone explain the process to me?

    I have attached a picture of the rear of it so that you know what ports I do/don't have ( I have also purchased to the following adapter ( because I only have one VGA port but two VGA Cables. As you can see from the picture I do have a DVI-D port which I am led to believe I can use.

    However when plugging the DVI-D adapter in - nothing is being detected, there's nothing to suggest it is even plugged in at all. I have tried various settings on Device Manager, Display Management etc... all to no avail.

    If anyone could assist me further that would be a great help.
  2. DKRON

    DKRON TS Guru Posts: 567   +25

    are you trying to use both the VGA and DVI at the same time with 2 monitors because the motherboard will most likely only allow you to use one

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