Connecting two pcs

By mloo55
Aug 13, 2005
  1. Normally I have internet in one pc,using speedy 100 with a pc with win98se and pentiumII. Now I am going to or try to connect another pc using a switch after the modem ZXDSL831 .My question is: The other pc should be configured in the same way as the one I am using or is there some other rules to comply. please help me with it.
  2. zephead

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    so you're saying that your current configuration is:

    cable/dsl modem -----ethernet cable-----computer

    and you want:

    cable/dsl modem ---switch===========2 computers

    if this is the case, you will need a router, or to set up internet conenction sharing on one of the computers (requires 2 network cards on one machine). if you choose to use a router (reccomended), you will have you set up your modem on that. then the two pcs will connect to the router and you will have yourself an internet connection on both at the same time. if you get a router, i reccomend one of the linksys brand.
  3. mloo55

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    tks fyr response jus now i bought switch and connected and this pc works fine now i am preparing to install the other pc I installed a ethernet card and configurated it.
    Finally i should configurate exactly the modem like this pc,is this last point correct?
  4. zephead

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    you'll need in internet gateway to connect both machines to the internet at once. a router would be best, but there is a way to set up a gateway on a windows 2k/xp machine and you'll need a second network card. hooking up two machines and a modem to one switch won't work.
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