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By ryan_gt-s
Sep 9, 2008
  1. I was just wondering how good my connection speed is. I recently went to and did 4 tests of my internet connection and this is what turned out.

    Test 1

    4763 kbps download
    457 kbps upload

    Test 2
    4830 kbps download
    436 kbps upload

    Test 3
    4815 kbps download
    444 kbps upload

    Test 4
    4840 kbps download
    449 kbps upload

    I live in Canada and my ISP is Shaw Communications (cable connection) and i have the d-link Dir 655 router. The numbers showing in my tests are they good or are they bad? I do alot of online gaming (mostly Playstation 3) are those good numbers good for gaming and for just general internet use?

    Thanks, Ryan
  2. rmammen

    rmammen TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Where abouts in canada? Different provinces cap and restrict speeds respectively.

    What time of the day? Chances are your speeds will be higher in non-peak times.

    In general your speeds are very good.

    Average speeds are about half what you're getting. I live in BC, Canada as well and I'm getting 2100 dl and 143 ul during peak time.
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