Constant Bsod's and System Crashes

By Rowan D
Jul 28, 2008
  1. Hello Techspot,

    My name is Rowan, and for some time now, I have simply started getting literally tons, of blue screens of death...

    I am not sure how it started, because when it did, I had not installed any new software on my computer...

    At first I only got about two over a couple of days, and then I started getting numerous ones every time I started to my machine up -- so it took about three tries per - startup, in order to get everything working...and then, out of the blue, when I was, say, in any graphically demanding (or only semi - demanding) situation, my machine would simply come up with a blue screen of death -- I do not know why...

    These screens contain all the numerous numbers and 0's -- and they also point to certain files, such as atiduag.dll and plenty others, with messages like bad_header and the like...

    So then, I started getting constant system shut - down errors, giving me 60 seconds to save and get outo of whatever I was currently doing...

    And I also started seeing wierd folders in my C: drive, such as wyndows and windoos and windoss...with strange copies of my actual "windows" folder...

    I have tried scanning for viruses but nothing ever comes up...

    When I sent in an error report, microsoft said that it was an issue with my drivers -- nothing more...

    And any help would be appreciated,

    Thanks, --Rowan
  2. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 3,556

    Hello - you don't have a LOT of knowledge about computers (from the way you describe things, sorry if I am wrong) so I would suggest the following course of action:

    1 - look for a local YMCA/Church/College after hours etc program that offers to teach about computer basic installation and repair

    2 - join it

    3 - take your computer


    1 - take it to a shop and have your HD wiped and your OS reinstalled.

  3. Rowan D

    Rowan D TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, I appreciate what you are saying (I've actually been using and learning about computers for a long while), and I should probably do that (take it in to a store) before things get any worse, I only thought it might be possible to get it done independently...

  4. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,392   +36

    Let's try a couple of things first:

    1. Question: although you said you didn't install anything, do your have Windows Updates set to Automatic? If you do, you will likely have received the SP# update. This update has caused multiple problems for those with AMD processors. Check in Add/Remove Programs for KB936929- this is SP3. If it's there, highlight and uninstall> Reboot.

    Se if that makes any difference.

    As for "wyndows": wyndows techknow(tm) internet products list
    Are you using this?

    Regarding "windoos", references to this may be found on this Google search page:

    Regarding "windoss": Windoss 2003 Server>

    You will need to deal with each of these entries with respect as to what you have on your system.
  5. Rowan D

    Rowan D TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK, thanks a lot -- I'll try all of those things when I next get a chance (soon) -- and I will let you know...

    So I saw that there was no KB936929 in my add and remove programs area -- but it is possible that I downloaded an unwanted update -- seeing as these errors started around the time I enabled automatic updates...

    And about the Windoos and Windoas folders -- maybe there is some kind of bad malware on my computer; because looking inside my windows folder, I can see folders like sistem32 and s}stem32, and inside there, are folders like dryvers and driivers and dr}vers -- maybe this is the issue, seeing as the Bsod's I am getting, according to Microsoft, are due to problems with my drivers...

    Any advice?
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