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By SongLive
Sep 20, 2008
  1. Hi !

    I'm trying to download a video from Google Video and convert it to .wmv directly, without having to download the .flv first.

    I have managed to do this 2 years ago succesfully via the following method.

    go to
    enter your google video url
    copy the .flv url from
    go to
    press "conversion from url"
    paste keepvid flv url
    select file format: flv
    select target format: wmv

    However, this doesn't work anymore.
    Why ? Simple: I don't get a direct link to the .flv anymore from or any other online media ripper service I tried. (Savetube, Tubegrip...)
    I always get links like this:\x26clickUrl\x3d\x22\x3e\x3c/embed\x3e


    See, there is no .flv extension on the end. that's the problem. Media-convert doesn't recognize it now and gives an error.
    However, if you press the link in your browser URL bar, you will get promted to download the file. (.FLV). Which means the URL is valid, only the file is "hidden".

    My question:

    How can I convert that long URL to a direct download url with an .FLV extension on the end ?

    Thanks in advance !!
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