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By (Silent)Assasin
Apr 19, 2008
  1. Hi all, I've got two IDE hdd's and just installed a pci raid card so I now have a third, first sata hdd. I want to make the sata hdd my primary and copy all of my main hdd, with the OS and whatnot onto it, what can I do to accomplish this? I've tried to copy files but it says most are being used, will I have to use the backup ide hdd as a bootable and copy the contents from the main ide to the new main sata?
  2. SiMuLaCrUm

    SiMuLaCrUm TS Rookie

    You can use Ghost or something similar to copy the entire content of you main hdd onto a DVD and then you can put everything onto the SATA drive.
  3. (Silent)Assasin

    (Silent)Assasin TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    where might I find "Ghost"? When I try to backup files with nero it says some are in use though, how might I get around that?
  4. SiMuLaCrUm

    SiMuLaCrUm TS Rookie

    Norton sells it, but there are free alternatives out there that do the same thing.
  5. Matthew

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    Check out HDClone, Partition Logic or Clonezilla. I believe all of them are free (or have free versions) and will do what you need.
  6. (Silent)Assasin

    (Silent)Assasin TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    I changed my mind I cna't get any of those progs to wok, I want to install mac osx onto the hdd on the raid card(sata) but mac wont recognize it when I try to install it from the cd.
  7. buccaneere

    buccaneere TS Rookie

    Boot from a linux Live CD.

    Open up a command line, execute as root user this code:

    cp /dev/sda /dev/sdb

    ...where sda is the old disk, and sdb is the new one.

    All data - files, executables, OS, everything, will duplicate. It will take 2 hours easy, with no progress indicator, until done.
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