Corrupt File and no Auotcheck Program

By finfan815
Feb 17, 2009
  1. My computer still works but it tends to run slowly and freeze. My father probs deleted a program or something (not quite sure but.) When i turn the computer on the black screen that says pops up and then it goes to the windows loading screen. then the screen turns blue and a message goes across twice, auotcheck program not found - skipping autocheck. then when i go onto my account either a message will come up that says what is typed below or it will appear in a bubble after it loads my background.

    / ! \ ypager.exe - Corrupt File
    file or directory c/: DOCUME~ben\Application\data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\83LGXC56\ localhost is corrupt and unreadable. Please run chkdsk utility.

    where do i run the chkdsk utility and what can i do about the autocheck program. Please and Thanks
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    to run chkdsk use run->chkdsk /f
    you may get a prompt to schedule the run at next boot; reply Y and then reboot immediately.
  4. finfan815

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    i have done that but chkdsk does not run after i reboot.

    thanks for the help but that is for a non-working computer that will continually restart but my computer works just not very well.
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    If the above link did not help, then try this to get Autochk back

    Start->Run-> Sfc /Scannow
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