Counter-Strike 1.6 - I may be bugged

By jimbo987
Aug 4, 2010
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  1. I have been playing Counter-Strike 1.6 non steam version fine, on a bunch of different servers (I do own Counter-Strike 1.6 on 2 steam accounts that were both locked and hacked, so please don't go on about how its illegal...) . I just recently noticed that whenever I push any of the radio keys (Z X or C) I automatically advertise something about a server. I have never set it to do that. I want to fix this. Sometimes when I'm in a server and I go to warn a teammate about an enemy, of course it advertises making it look like I'm doing it. On some servers I get kicked for it. Others, I just get yelled at. I think maybe its a virus? Please help me, this is quite annoying. Thank you!

  2. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Posts: 536   +21

    what do you mean with "locked and hacked"? stolen and vac-banned?
  3. jimbo987

    jimbo987 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No, I was hacked, then my account was locked because whoever hacked it used a fraudulent credit card and I can't unlock it. The second account I have no clue what happened to it but its locked too. I hate Steam.
  4. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Posts: 536   +21

    Contact steam support! -that worked for me when my acc got stolen, I didn't even need the original cd-case with the cd-key. I "only" had to tell when I created the the acc, what e-mails it had been assigned to, what games I had played and how much in the past 2 years and details like that. I had lost all the original stuff years ago so...

    If you want a steam hl2 collectors edition acc I have one, it got stolen but it can maybe be "retrievable" via steam support. The acc was created 2003 or 2004, and I used it for ~3-4months...I can send you the details about it if you wan't(?), there is only one catch, the e-mail that the steam acc was assigned to got "keylogged" aka stolen too...
  5. jimbo987

    jimbo987 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've already made a stupid support ticket and they told me that 4 games were bought with a fraudulent card, so it's locked and will not unlock until that same card's bank gives the money. But I'll gladly take that account, thank you! How will you give me the user and pass and stuff? By email perhaps? If so, my email is teh.geekster(AT) Just so you aren't confused, it's teh not the.

  6. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Posts: 536   +21

    e-mail sent
  7. jimbo987

    jimbo987 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Cool. Thanks alot, I apreciate it! I'm gonna wait til I get my own credit card to buy more games on it. :D

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