CPU clock running slower than stock speeds

By papermate
Aug 22, 2008
  1. 1.CPU-Z indicates that my clock speed is 2.4GHz even though my stock speed's 3.2ghz can anyone please explain to me why is this so? How can i set it back to its stock speed? What are the possible risks and benefits setting it back to stock stock?
    2.why is my FSB on 200MHz even though the rated FSB is 800MHz

    thnx in advance
  2. CCT

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    1 - EIST allows the system to dynamically adjust processor voltage and core frequency - look it up

    2 - it gets 'quad-pumped' to 800 - look it up


    edit: some reading -
  3. papermate

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    after reading that site, if my '1333MHz (Pentium 4/LGA775): 333MHz clock(quad pumped)' were used in conjunction with DDR 667MHz RAM will it obtain a fsb1:ram1 ratio? Would it be the same if i were to say '1333MHz (Pentium 4/LGA775): 667MHz clock(dobule pumped)' were used with DDR 1333MHz RAM will obtain a 1:1 ratio?
  4. CCT

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    I think I'll use an example and let some of the brainiacs here pull it apart - :)

    My Motherboard has a FSB of 200 Mhz x 4 = 800

    My DDR PC3200 has a FSB of 200 Mhz x 2 = 400 x 2 (Dual channel mode) = 800

    Thus 1.1 operation.

    My CPU P4 3.6 has a supply bus 200 Mhz x 18 = 3.6 Ghz.

    I see this as the CPU working very fast internally to process information while utilizing a FSB significantly lower in speed but matched to the Ram to send out and access information.

    Does 1.1 for Ram and Mobo FSB mean much? Well, they don't bottleneck each other if matched properly, which would just be wasting resources I guess.

    The frequencies are resonant, ie multiples of the base 200.
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