CPU is not underclocking itself.....

By damienb
Feb 20, 2007
  1. Hi all,

    When I first got my PC up and running a couple of weeks ago, I ran CPU-Z to see what it was saying about my processor. It was underclocking itself when not in use. It would idle at 1600MHz with a multiplier of x6 and when I started doing something like browse through my HD, it would shoot up to 2667MHz with a multiplier of x10.

    Since then I have tried doing a bit of overclocking, make slight changes to the FSB and multiplier in the BIOS. I decided to stop after a while as I dont yet have a proper monitor on the CPU tempreture. I put all the settings in the BIOS back to defualt.

    Now when I run CPU-Z, my processor doesn't underclock itself at all. It just constantly stays at 2667MHz with a multiplier of x10.

    Anybody know why??

  2. _FAKE_

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    Yes i think i may know what it is. Since you didnt give me a description on your mobo im guessing it is relatively new. Some of the newer mobo's (motherboards) come with a program known as AI NOS (Non-Delay Overclocking System). This is a program which automatically detects cpu loading and dynamically overclocks the cpu only when needed. So when your cpu is idle, it will underclock it so it will run quieter, generate less heat and use less power. When your cpu is under load it will increase the cpu speed to meet the requirements of that program, increasing the performance at which you use the program. Games will generally make AI NOS overclock your cpu the most because it requires more cpu power. If you dont wish to use this program im sure you can uninstall it through "Add/remove" in control panel or disable it in your BIOS.

    I have AI NOS but dont have it installed as i never really needed to use it, but thinking of maybe installing it again.

    OK just found out that AI NOS isnt a program its an option in the BIOS, if you dont want it just disable it within the BIOS
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