CPU only running at 1.79

By JUST8420
Feb 28, 2010
  1. hello all this is my first thread on this forum. ok i have a compaq with a cpu: amd 64 3500+ mb:asus a8n-la nagami
    everest tells me that the fsb is running @ 200mhz the cpu is running @ 1.79ghz
    it should be running around 2.2ghz i would like to overclock it a bit or atleast get it running back where it should be. does any one have any ideas
  2. red1776

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    its most likely AMD's 'cool and quiet' feature that throttles down your cpu when its not in use or under heavy load. you can change your power management scheme, and or go into your bios and disable it. I have dealt with the ASUS A8N-LA Motherboard on the Compaq Presario SR1xxx NX series,and there is absolutely no OC bios adjustments. If you want to OC it, you will have to do it via a software program. this program should give you control enough to OC via the guess is you should be able to get to about 228Mhz or 2.5-2.6Ghz and thats about it with the 3500+.
    here is the link to the Ntune utility.
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