CPU temp outrageously high!

By dazzosheps
Jul 16, 2005
  1. Hey guys, new to these forums and a total plonker when it comes to PC's.
    But i know for sure that my CPU temp shouldnt be at 90C.
    This happens when playing any sort of game, usually counter-strike, and even the idle temp is 70C after 4/5 hours. Any help on how to get this down would be appreciated, cheers :)
  2. Phantasm66

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    no your CPU temp should NOT be at 90C.

    You need to think about some better airflow, maybe an outtake fan if you don't have one...

    PZEROFGH TS Rookie Posts: 63

    WHOA DUDE 90C iS HOT HOT HOT!. its your running an amd it shuold be only like <50C if a p4 shuold be like <80C geez wats wrong with your computer, DO you have any fans? better cooling, clean out all the dust in the fan and get better airflow as the guy below me or above me or the guy before this post

    PZEROFGH TS Rookie Posts: 63

    SWEEt that was my 50th post and now im a techspot member WHEEE, oh sry i mean wheee
  5. Justin

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    What type of processor do you have? Is it one that was built by a large company or by a local company or by you? How old is it? Where is it physically located? Does it crash/freeze? What motherboard does it have?
  6. dazzosheps

    dazzosheps TS Rookie Topic Starter

    P4 3.4ghz, built by fujitsu, yes, there is one fan in there, and i've cleaned out all the dust and stuff inside, only 6 months old, rarely crashes.

    Right now its at 66C after being on for 9/10 hours which i think is still a bit warm :suspiciou
  7. ihameed

    ihameed TS Rookie

    It's quite possible that the gauge is miscalibrated; I've had CPUs read as being 100C in one motherboard, and 50C in others.

    Try reading through this guide:

    edit: I should pay attention to timestamps.
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