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By MoMo1988
Apr 28, 2007
  1. I have been reading up on applying thermal paste for the past couple days and i think i finally got it right before it was Hot and now Semi-Hot before it was 45-46C Idle and 61-65C Underload with the side panel open and a 8in fan blowing directly onto the mobo/cpu. Now it idles at 40-42C Idle and 57-60C underload without the fan!!. And I am using a silver thermal compound but now arctic silver 5 thinkin bout ordering that stuff though seems much better. what do ya'll think?
  2. Tedster

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    you're fine. The more you mess with it, the greater the chance you'll break something.
  3. CMH

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    I agree, unless you've got a good reason to apply AS5 after getting those temps, I reckon you shouldn't mess around with it anymore.

    Reasons might be:
    Need to be 1C lower for overclocking.
    Still overheating, computer reboots, etc (in which case, 1 or 2 C probably won't help much)
    I'm experimenting, and looking for the best thermalpaste for my uber comp (in which case, I reckon we can tell you the answer right now)
    I just live to reapply thermalpaste over and over and over again......
    My dog ate my heatsink, and I need to put another one on.

    Please add more reasons as you see fit.
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