Craigslist blocks search engines to thwart third parties like PadMapper

By Matthew
Aug 7, 2012
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  1. Craigslist has taken further steps toward locking down its listings by reportedly removing its content from major search engines to prevent it from being scraped and repackaged by third-party services. In June, Craigslist sent a cease and desist to PadMapper,…

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  2. Aw PadMapper was so cool. :(
  3. Agreed -- I used it to find my current apartment. It was a brilliant combination of Google Maps + real estate information. Maybe CL should just buy them out and adopt the tech...
  4. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 TS Booster Posts: 166   +41

  5. I'm surprised they went with the "cease and desist" route and not the "we're fine with you making money of our services, but if you want to continue, pay us our cut" route. Surely that would've kept everyone happier.
  6. Zilpha

    Zilpha TS Enthusiast Posts: 319

    That's not the goal of Craigslist.
  7. So why would you use craigslist for Apartment listings?
  8. Zilpha

    Zilpha TS Enthusiast Posts: 319

    To find an apartment?

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