Create multiple users with same background and a few other settings

By DLambie
Oct 22, 2009
  1. I have Windows XP Pro and I am trying to create multiple users, which I can, however I want to have them with all with same background and a few other settings.

    can anyone provide me in how to get all users to have same setting such as same background

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  3. gbhall

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    when installing software, there is normally an option visible to 'install for all users'. Take that. When the software is a bit older and no such option appears, it will almost always install for all users anyway.

    If you login as a user with administrator privileges, you should set that user to 'see hidden files' and then use Windows explorer to have a look at the directory Documents and Settings. You will see the 'all users' settings and all the other users you create are sub-directories. You will soon get a feel for the fact that each of those users in turn has a 'desktop', and a 'start menu' among many other things. Be aware you can simply drag and drop anything you like from one place to another (in your case from users to 'all users'). This is essentially what gpedit.msc does at it's simplest.

    I would not dissuade you from looking into gpedit, but your needs might be much simpler than that - just drag'n'drop as I said.
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